Programme NeuroActive
Programme NeuroActive


Complete Brain

Improve memory and
keep your entire brain


Control and relieve stress. Fast. Without Medication.



Strengthen and expand 8 types of memory in 30 days.


Improve Your Memory. Keep Your Brain Fit. Lower Your Stress.


To strengthen memory, keep your entire brain youthful and fit, learn to manage and relieve stress, nothing is more effective than doctor-created NeuroActive – stimulating brain gym programs that deliver results, fast. NeuroActive is the fun and innovative way to workout the entire brain, strengthen memory and and learn to relax.


To generate maximum benefits in minimum time, each scientifically-designed NeuroActive program features a complete set of interactive, brain-stimulating exergames and is powered by a proprietary Dynamic Intelligence System that personalizes training and adapts the level of difficulty to any user's skills.

NeuroActive, the all-natural way to a healthier mind!

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